Wood fired Outdoor Hot Tubs. Wooden Hot tubs

RG Doors wood heated outdoor hot tubs are great choice for those wanting unique experience. Water heated by your own made fire is feeling different. Can’t explain how, but believe us - it is. You will feel it. You’ll get engaged into process way before you actually sink yourself into hot water. All that firing and preparation takes time, and this time is for yourself. And for those around you.

All our hot tubs are with fiberglass shell and timber cladding, equipped with stainless steel wood fired heater. Hot tub construction is made of raw spruce wood, which makes it blending well into nature. Fiberglass shell inside the tub is very durable and long lasting, and never makes you worry about leakage or over-drying which are common issues with traditional wooden hot tubs. Comfortably curved seats are friendly to body lines, and makes bathing experience relaxed to the fullest. The surface is smooth and pleasant for bare skin, and very easy to clean. Fiberglass shell can be coloured in standard grey, blue or white/creame.

Tubs can be equipped with 2 different stainless steel wood fired heaters: External heater standing outside, or Integrated heater mounted under the shell. Ergonomic tubs design saves water and reduce heating time, because of smaller water capacity compared to standard shape wooden or polypropylene tubs. Our tubs weight less (approx 170-200 kg), which makes delivery and installation easier. Customers enjoy our tubs due to simple, easy and trouble-free maintenance, and unique experience of bathing outside.

Our Hot tubs comes as standard with 2 steps stairs, external/integrated wood fired heaters (grade 430 steel), stainless steel 2m chimney, wooden stirring paddle (if no massage system installed), lids (fibreglass, wooden or PVC) and foam insulation. External diameter is 200cm, internal - 180cm.  Overall height - 100cm, hot tub depth - 87cm.

Prices: from £1719 with external log burner and £2069 with integrated log burner.

Additional things to order:

  • 1 RGB LED light £60
  • Hydro massage system 900w (6 or 8 jets) £330
  • Air massage system 700w (12 jets) £330
  • Hydro and air massage systems £560
  • Drinks holder £25
  • Pipes' connection for filtration system £65
  • Art outside the tub with light (horse or tree) £130
  • Log burner with Grade 316 stainless steel £120

Types of heaters steel:

Grade 430. This type of stainless steel comes a standard and is the most popular choice as most people do not treat the water and is much cheaper then other types of stainless steel. If you intend to use bromine, sea salts or any other water treatments which affect pH, you need to upgrade to 316 type. No warranty/ replacement will be provided if any issues occur with your heater and the manufacturer identifies the corrosion.

Grade 316. Stainless steel is also non magnetic. This stainless steel has the best corrosion resistant properties. Can be used with salt water and little bit chlorine.


Standard delivery is free (Deliveries to Scotland, Wales, South West England and North England will cost £120 extra). All deliveries are made with transport without taillift. It requires forks or enough man power to unload it. If transport with taillift required, then the price increase by £150. Hot tub will be unloaded off the lorry only. In some cases the driver will be able to move the pallet where required, if the access is suitable.

If you like to place the order, please contact us or buy online.

Questions, user manual and information about the warranty. Click here