Internal doors

Eco veneer and oak veneer Internal doors

We have huge range of high quality internal doors. You could choose from eco veneer doors or oak veneer doors. We offer many different designs and colours.

All our interior doors are sold with colour match architraves and door lining. They are fully finished and are not required to be painted or varnished.

We also have huge range of glazed internal doors. All doors are fitted with frosted glass, but other colours of glass are available such as white, black or bronze.

We can offer you different sizes' doors, so if you are looking non standard doors, please contact us.

Eco veneer internal doors are a good quality with an original design and spectacular contrasting colours. Due to the use of high-tech material (eco veneer) in door facing, the products have high performance characteristics (strength, durability, resistance to mechanical damage) and an economical price.

Interior door panels are made of high quality furniture board with decorative MDF and glass inserts. We use polypropylene film (eco veneer) from German manufacturers in the door coating. This coating with a volume embossing or a smooth texture completely imitates the texture of natural wood, surpassing it in strength characteristics:

  • resistance to mechanical damage (chips, scratches, abrasion, etc.);
  • steam and moisture resistance;
  • environmental safety: when heated, it does not emit harmful substances (formaldehyde, phenols, etc.), does not interact with most household detergents, which contain acid or alkali;
  • this coating does not exfoliate, does not fade and does not change colour even in direct sunlight..

Oak veneer internal doors. Door frame is made from engineered pine. Panels are made from MDF.

Internal veneer doors from “IstokDoors” (Belarus) are a combination of classic elements and a style. The design of our doors fits perfectly into every home, due the possibility of choosing different sizes, colour and the type of glazing.

Internal double doors

Are you looking for double doors? We are here to help you.

All our internal doors could be supply different sizes. If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be able to help you to find doors for your home.