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Internal doors - always eye catching element of the interior

Interior doors are always an eye-catching element of the interior, so we pay close attention to harmoniously incorporate them.

A timeless classic

Classically styled doors with decorative cornices and expressive edging look very impressive. True, depending on the decoration elements, they are suitable not only for solid but also for modern interiors. According to Vaidas Verikas, the salon manager of Jundos joinery (one of the companies that dictates door fashions in Lithuania), classic style doors have not been torn down for ten years, and modern fashions are changing much faster ...

Classic style doors are usually made of solid wood. Not only does it look more luxurious, but it also has more finishing options and more expressive décor. In Lithuania, three types of wood are used for the production of such doors: oak, ash and black alder (by the way, it is more complicated to finish, this wood is "managed" only by high-end manufacturers). The texture of ash and oak wood is brighter, more variegated and black alder - smoother. For several years now, there has been a trend in our country that trendy white doors, whether in warmer or cooler shades, with raised ribs or completely hidden under a coat of paint.

How to choose?

If you want the doors to stand out, match them to the walls. This is not complicated, because the colors of the door can be customized according to the standard palette or to the individual request. Doors become an accent of the interior if they are contrasting with the color of the walls or combined with furniture, picture frames. Many people believe that doors need to be aligned to the floor, but different planes - horizontal and vertical - should not necessarily merge into one whole.

The glass in the door gives it a cozy, lighter look. Depending on the need for light, it is advisable to combine the sliding and glazed doors. Glasses can be stained glass, patterned, faceted and engraved. Everything that Lithuanian glass manufacturers offer today can be incorporated into the door.

Variations of door decoration

The classic style of door decoration is very diverse: it can be surprising in elaborate forms or can be characterized by laconic restraint. In addition to standard rectangular frames, Vaidas Verikas assures you that they can be rounded or milled. The edges of the door also change dramatically - and there are many of these models: wider and narrower, with milled grooves, profiled

and decorated with impostles and pilasters. Classic doors usually have one or more caverns (door frame fillings), but they can vary in layout, and decoration is not the last issue here. The door elevates and gives the impression of luxury with eaves mounted above the door. It has long been a tradition that classical-style doors have visible hinges - these provide solidity, can be smooth or decorated. However, if you name your home interior style as a modern classic, the door hinges can be hidden.

Posted by RG Doors Ltd on 10 April 2020 13:07

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