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Most popular interior doors and their advantages

When installing or repairing a home, attention is paid to every detail - after all, it is always expected that the home will be good enough and comfortable. Interior doors are one of the most important details of the interior, so special attention should be paid to their choice. The range of doors currently offered is certainly not narrow, so it will always be possible to choose the one that best suits your needs. So what are the biggest pros and cons of popular choices?

Solid wood interior doors

We have to accept that such doors look very aesthetically pleasing and have a long service life. Mostly these doors are made of oak, ash or alder, but the choices available are certainly not limited. Hardwood doors are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford them (especially if the number of doors needed is quite high). Such doors are durable, can be refurbished, repainted or repainted, and look like new again. Interior doors can also be made of coniferous fir or pine. The cost of such doors is lower, but the service life is shorter. Over time, doors made of conifers can discolour, stain, and so on.

Veneer interior doors

Quite often, such a door is chosen for a low price, and nowadays it can be safely called the most popular choice. Veneered doors can be easily matched to any interior, as the choice of such door designs and colors is very large. Whether you are looking for wood color or other shades of doors, you can be sure that such a solution will really work well. Although veneered doors do not last as long as solid wood, they are also quite durable and require little maintenance.

Posted by RG Doors Ltd on 10 April 2020 13:08

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